Tonya Wichman

Director of the Defiance County Board of Elections

Began career at the Defiance County Board of Elections in May of 2015. Worked with my team to implement new election equipment, transitioned from paper poll books to electronic, enhanced security of the office with cyber and physical security through directive of the SOS, and built a team of election specialists, seasonal employees, vote location managers and poll workers who deserve much credit for successful elections in Defiance County.

Certified as an Ohio Registered Elections Official, completed a Master’s Certificate in High Performance Leadership through NACo, completed national certification as a Certified Election Registration Administrator through Auburn University and the Election Center. A member of the Faces of Democracy campaign to strengthen U.S. Elections. Served as a short term International Elections Observer in Sierra Leone with the Carter Center.

Has served for 18 elections in Defiance County including 2 Presidential cycles. Is a member of the Ohio Association of Elections Officials and serves on the legislative committee. Has been a Mentor for other counties through the Ohio Secretary of State Mentorship Program.

Enjoys spending time through outreach programs with local schools, nursing homes and organization in the Defiance County Area. Along with her husband, founded the Election Ambassadors Scholarship program through the Defiance Area Foundation to engage and educate future leaders of Defiance County.