Day 1 Highlights

We are brimming with energy after a fantastic first day at American Democracy Summit!

From the moment Ben Harper kicked off the day with a soulful set, the atmosphere has been electric.

Here are a few highlights from the day!

Day 2 Highlights

Day two at ADS was full of even more inspiration, collaboration, and knowledge dropping.

As LA Councilwoman Nithya Raman put it, “I am willing to give up my power in order to improve the conditions in our democracy and our city.”

That’s what our movement is all about.

Here are some more highlights from day two!

ADS LIVE! Highlights

The biggest party at the biggest pro-democracy event of the year

Hosted by actor and comedian Ed Helms, ADS LIVE! was a night of inspirational talks, comedy, live music and tons of optimism for the future.

With a special musical performance by Rivers Cuomo and friends, a surprise appearance by comedy legend Jim Gaffigan, a behind-the-scenes look at some of the movement’s biggest wins, and much more, ADS LIVE! was the celebration and showcase of the pro-democracy movement.

Day 3 Highlights

When we win, we win together. It takes all of us. And we’re just getting started.

We wrapped up the Summit on day three with a look to the future. The energy, optimism, and open-mindedness was off the charts. Thank you to the incredible community that’s working to strengthen our democracy!

Recap Video

Select Livestreamed Panels

Empowering Democracy: The Intersection of Race, Rights, and Ranked Choice Voting

Unsilencing the Vote: Fighting for Voting Rights in Suppression Hot Spots

Women of Color Leading Democracy: Occupying All Spaces At All Times

Democracy Dollars: The Future Of Campaign Finance Reform

When the democracy movement comes together, people notice!

Here’s a look at the top coverage from ADS 2023!

THAT’S SO L.A. — It’s not often that a political conference on the state of democracy can be credibly called “star-studded.”

“We’re trying to make democracy sexy again,” said Joshua Graham Lynn, CEO of RepresentUS, the organization sponsoring the summit. “Why does it have to be this issue we all find boring and out-of-touch and not part of our lives?”

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Michael Douglas: Gordon Gekko would be ‘ecstatic’ about the current state of money in politics

The “Wall Street” actor, who famously played the devious financier Gekko, weighed in on what his character might think about moolah mixing with politics during a Thursday interview with Steve Scully on SiriusXM’s “The Briefing.”

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American Democracy Summit gets underway in LA, focusing on crises and offering solutions

With the United States more politically divided than ever, it’s easy to forget that democracy itself, free and fair elections, and registering to vote shouldn’t be partisan issues. At the American Democracy summit in Los Angeles this week, threats to our democracy and how to defeat them are on full display.

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