Richard C Barton

Assistant Teaching Professor, Syracuse University; Democracy Fellow, Unite America

Richard Barton is a professor of Public Administration and International Affairs. His research focuses on election systems, legislative institutions and American political economy.

His peer-reviewed publications include “A Primary Threat: How Ideological Primary Challengers Exacerbate Polarization in Bill Sponsorship” and “Upending the New Deal Regulatory Regime: Democratic Party Position Change on Financial Regulation.” He authored the white paper reports “California’s Top-Two Primary: The Effects on Electoral Politics and Governance” and “Louisiana’s Long-Term Election Experiment: How Eliminating Partisan Primaries Improved Governance and Reduced.” His op-eds have been published by over 50 different outlets including the Washington Post and CNN.

He is a Democracy Fellow with the Unite America Institute, where he conducts research and thought leadership on the effects of primaries and alternative electoral institutions on governance.

He earned a Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University.