Elisa Jagerson

RepresentUs Board Member

Elisa is an internationally recognized leader at the intersection of technology innovation and brand design. Most recently as CEO of FutureBrand Speck, she pioneered Experience Engineering, a ‘next generation design thinking’ methodology credited with infusing reliability into the innovation process. Both Fortune 500s and startups turned to Elisa and her teams of brand, product, environment and service designers in order to generate ‘future proof’ growth. These innovations generated billions in revenue, and now sit inside our pockets, bodies, homes, hospitals, cars, and data centers. Elisa sold Speck Design to FutureBrand (NYSE: IPG), where she served on the global leadership team through 2019.

Elisa is currently an active board member, author and coach. She lectures at Stanford University and speaks regularly at innovation summits such as CES, SXSW, DENT and TNW, advancing more rigorous paradigms for innovation and growth. She is currently writing a book exploring decision-making in innovative environments titled, “How do you know?”