Chris Love

Senior Advisor, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona

Chris Love is an attorney, Senior Advisor to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, and Spokesperson for Arizona for Abortion Access—the committee for a 2024 ballot initiative that will establish a fundamental right to abortion in the state constitution. Chris has worked in sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice spaces in Arizona for a decade, primarily focusing on electing strong repro voices at all levels of government. In 2022, Chris helped flip Arizona, which elected reproductive rights champions Governor Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Kris Mayes.

In her free time, Chris serves as a frequent guest pundit on Arizona political television and radio. As an avid horror movie fan, she discusses the intersections of horror, race, and repro as a guest lecturer, on podcasts, and on social media.

Chris lives in Chandler, AZ with her husband, 9-year-old daughter, and their beloved desert tortoise.