Barbara Smith Warner

Executive Director, National Vote at Home Institute

Barbara Smith Warner serves as the Executive Director of the National Vote at Home Institute, a national non-profit that works to promote and expand the use of mailed-out ballots that allow all voters to safely and securely vote at home (the Oregon way!). Voting at home is foundational democracy that centers every voter in their right to vote, and dramatically increases both turnout and participation. Barbara served 9 years (2014-2022) as an Oregon state representative, including almost 3 years as the Majority Leader of the Oregon House. Highlights of her legislative service include passing the first dedicated source of funding for early learning and K-12 education in a generation, gun violence prevention, codifying choice and reproductive health rights in state law, paid sick time, increasing the minimum wage, pay equity, drivers licenses for all, justice reinvestment, police accountability, and expansion of voting rights. She is a lifetime democracy defender who has worked as a legislative educator and political organizer, and is deeply committed to an open, accessible government that is of, for and by the people.