It’s time for you to set the agenda at Unrig Summit.


The Unrig Unconference is a pop-up summit within the Summit on Sunday morning—designed and led entirely by you (or your fellow attendees). Check out the guidelines, propose a topic, and complete the proposal form to get started.

What is the Unconference?


The Unrig Unconference will feature more than a dozen trainings and talks that are 100% proposed, designed, and led by you or your fellow attendees. Any attendee can pitch a session of their own design and vote on each other’s ideas.

The deadline to submit proposals is Saturday afternoon, so attendees can vote for their favorite proposals before the schedule is announced.

By Sunday morning, the Unconference agenda is finalized and the winning presenters will lead trainings, talks, and activities that have emerged directly from the Unrig community. Come ready to learn, build, and connect! 

How Do I Apply to Lead a Session?


Sunday morning, you’re in charge. The Unconference is your opportunity to take the agenda into your own hands: talk about an issue that’s important to you in a 5-minute “Soapbox” talk or lead a workshop or session on a topic of your choice. 

To get started with your proposal, download the Unconference Guidelines pdf using the red button below.
It has all the information you need, plus a link to the online Proposal form.

What Makes A Good Session

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when thinking of session ideas:

  • Relevant: Is your session topic relevant to the attendees of the Summit? Does it tie into the movement for unrigging our political system? Is it accessible and appealing to a cross-partisan audience?
  • Solutions-Focused: Solutions-focused sessions leave attendees with action steps they can take, build a shared resource, or teach skills that people can use to bring their work to the next level.
  • Participatory: Does your session design encourage attendees to actively participate in the session?  We recommend checking out these recommendations from

Info Required to Submit a Session

To submit a session, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your Information: Your name, organization, and contact information for you and any other presenters, and (optional) political affiliation
  • Session Name: A title for your session
  • Session Description: A brief description of what your session will be about
  • Session Type: 5-minute “soapbox” talk, panel, training/workshop, roundtable discussion, or something else (creativity and participation encouraged.

Proposals will be accepted online until the evening before Unrig (6 PM CT on Thursday, March 28th) and in-person until the end of lunch on Saturday (2PM CT on March 30th).