Flying into Los Angeles?

For attendees flying into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), please consult the chart below for typical cab/Uber/Lyft rates for your transfer from the airport to various hotels in downtown Los Angeles. Please note that surge rates may apply. Hotels listed here will be listed on the Hotels page as room blocks come available.

LAXtoHotelTime (Driving)UberLyft
LAXtoHilton Checkers Los Angeles35-50 minutes$60-130$28-55
LAXtoWayfarer Downtown35-50 minutes$70-110$30-50
LAXtoDoubleTree Hilton38-50 minutes$70-120$28-55
LAXtoAce Hotel35-40 minutes$55-90$28-65
LAXtoMoxy + AC Hotel35-40 minutes$55-90$28-65
LAXtoSheraton Grand LA35-50 minutes$70-110$28-50
LAXtoE-Central Hotel35-40 minutes$55-90$28-65
LAXtoFreehand Los Angeles35-40 minutes$55-90$28-65

Getting to Magic Box

American Democracy Summit will take place in downtown Los Angeles at the Magic Box LA, which is conveniently located minutes from multiple hotels, many of which are offered on our Hotels page (and more hotels will be listed soon). Please consult the chart below for typical cab/Uber/Lyft rates for your transfer between hotels and the venue. Please note that surge rates may apply.

Drop-off area at Magic Box: 1933 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90007

Please ask your driver not to pull into the Magic Box driveway to drop you off, as that driveway only leads to the parking area and there is no turn-around space. Instead, ask your driver to drop you on the street beside the venue.

HoteltoMagic BoxTime (Driving)UberLyft
Hilton Checkers Los AngelestoMagic Box9-11 minutes$7-11$7-11
Wayfarer DowntowntoMagic Box6-9 minutes$7-11$7-11
DoubleTree HiltontoMagic Box10-15 minutes$7-16$7-11
Ace HoteltoMagic Box5-8 minutes$7-13$7-11
Moxy + AC HoteltoMagic Box5-8 minutes$7-13$7-11
Sheraton Grand LAtoMagic Box9-11 minutes$7-16$7-11
E-Central HoteltoMagic Box5-8 minutes$7-13$7-11
Freehand Los AngelestoMagic Box5-8 minutes$7-13$7-11

Public Transportation

There are five dedicated downtown bus lines around the area that run daily from 6am to 9pm, and there are subway stations serving the area. Please visit the website for more details. In the map that displays, the Magic Box is shown as The Reef, at the corner of East Washington Blvd and South Broadway, just south of the Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10), and just north of W 21st Street. Hotels are in the South Park district, just to the north of the Santa Monica Freeway. In addition, the app provides info on public transportation. Select Where to? to plan your route.