Demand Better Democracy

September 27 – 29 | Los Angeles

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Panels and Workshops Hosted by the Leaders of the Pro-Democracy Movement

Demand Better Democracy

Tools, networking, and inspiration to solve America’s political crisis

American Democracy Summit (formerly Unrig Summit) is the premier right-left event to solve America’s political crisis. We’re bringing together the brightest minds from across the political spectrum to tackle gerrymandering, money in politics, voting rights, election security, and more.

With inspiring speakers and trainers, star-studded live entertainment, cultural influencers, activists, educators, and academics, American Democracy Summit is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with others working to build a better democracy.

Program Preview

Worried about the threat that AI poses to democracy and America’s most vulnerable groups? Think the government should leverage AI to help build a better future? Join a panel of the world’s leading thinkers as they debate the threats, the opportunities, and what the future holds for AI. This one-of-a-kind panel is not to be missed.

Organization Sponsoring Content: Rank the Vote

So you want to see Ranked Choice Voting implemented in your state, but aren’t sure how? Don’t let your Capitol intimidate you! Take this opportunity to learn from successful state leaders and equip yourself with the tools needed to make RCV a reality in your state.

Pro-democracy campaigns are gaining momentum across the nation. We need to amplify this momentum by bolstering the campaigns that are winning. Hear from some of the folks leading these campaigns about what it’ll take for these campaigns to win and what the future holds for our movement.

Join us for this captivating session as we learn from experienced campaigners from Seattle, to Oakland, and beyond, who have paved the way for campaign finance reform. Gain insights into the strategies that have proven effective, as well as the lessons learned from past endeavors. Explore the dynamic landscape of initiatives being developed to strengthen our democratic processes and empower citizens to take active roles in shaping their future. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and informed by the leaders at the forefront of the democracy dollars movement.

Organization Sponsoring Content: Campaign Legal Center

Join this imperative session to safeguard our electoral integrity. In certain states, election deniers have seized power within party committees and assumed roles as local election officials, while lawmakers are enacting laws that grant partisan actors the ability to disrupt fundamental election administration functions. We will explore the multifaceted challenges and legal tools to hold accountable those who attacked our elections. Engage with expert insights on anticipating, mitigating, and fortifying defenses. Unite as advocates for democracy and uphold the sanctity of our electoral system in the critical year ahead.

Organization Sponsoring Content: American Promise

What if we could identify one thing you could support that flicks over the first domino allowing us to change and reclaim America; and that we have Republicans and Democrats with us; and that the overwhelming majority of people in the country are in support of it? Would you want to know what that one thing is? 

The For Our Freedom Amendment is the way we will fight against the forces that seek to overwhelm us. It’s a common national effort, a great project to bring us together, to unite and empower Americans. And it’s … thrilling! Creating the conditions required for proposal and ratification of a constitutional amendment means we have to be everywhere, working with everyone. This means being aggressively cross-partisan, laser-focused on bridging divides, experts at power-mapping, comfortable with strange bedfellows … and prepared for a tremendous effort that’s a whole lot of fun. This will be an experiential hands-on workshop where we share with each other the power of our voices.

The Venue:

Magic Box

Los Angeles, CA

A Creative Habitat in Downtown Los Angeles. With over 120,000 square feet of customizable event space over three floors, Magic Box delivers a dynamic, special facility that can be purpose-built to fulfill an extraordinary scope of event needs.

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Demand Better Democracy

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