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Nelini Stamp

Nelini Stamp

Nelini Stamp

Director of Strategy & Partnerships | Working Families Party

Nelini Stamp is a progressive activist, grassroots organizer, and leading national voice on racial and economic justice.

For over a decade, Stamp has worked to build a multiracial, economically-just society through progressive electoral campaigns nationwide and abroad. Stamp began her tenure at the Working Families Party in 2008, door-knocking across New York State for progressives up and down the ballot. An integral leader at WFP for 11 years, Stamp recruits grassroots leaders to run for office, trains political organizers and builds partnerships with candidates, progressive organizations and movement allies across the country and abroad. In every step of her work, Stamp is harnessing the strength of social movements into people power at the ballot box.

As National Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Stamp transforms grassroots energy into voter turnout. When Cynthia Nixon ran for the New York Governor, Stamp directed GOTV in the eleventh hour, using social movement tools to mobilize hundreds of new volunteers. As the #MeToo movement shed light on sexual harassment and gender discrimination in politics, Stamp built Women Run Campaigns, a WFP project for and by women that teaches campaign management. And across the WFP’s national network, Stamp trains organizers to build local progressive infrastructure, run campaigns, and challenge the systems of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nelini first engaged in political action when saw the damage the 2008 financial crisis caused in her community. She quickly became a leading figure in the Occupy Movement bridging the gap between budding social movements and local labor organizations. She has since employed this strategy to spearhead numerous people-powered community organizations—co-founding the Resistance Revival Chorus, #ResistTrumpTuesdays, and the anti-private prisons group DREAM Defenders. Stamp also co-created Freedom Side, serves as a leading member of Mijente, and served on the national steering committee for Tax March.

Stamp is regularly featured on local and national broadcast, and speaks on dozens of leading progressive panels and protests in the U.S. and abroad, including Netroots Nation; the G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany; and the New Yorker festival. She has been featured in numerous books on activism, including George Packer’s The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America, Michael Gould-Wartofsky’s The Occupiers: The Making of the 99% Movement, and Jordan Flaherty’s No More Heroes: Grassroots Challenges to the Savior Mentality. Stamp has been awarded Champion of Justice award by the Alliance for Justice and honored at the 2015 Berger-Marks Awards, Edna Award Winner of Distinction.