Christina Harvey

Executive Director, Stand Up America

Christina is the current Executive Director of Stand Up America, the former Senior Advisor to the New York State Attorney General and Executive Director of the Attorney General’s Transition Committee, a former Chief of Staff in the New York State Senate, veteran of two statewide electoral campaigns and a number of state senate and other local campaigns, and a former union organizer.

During Christina’s tenure, Stand Up America has been part of successful campaigns to permanently restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals in New York, Connecticut, and New Mexico, and continues to support efforts to restore the right to vote to individuals who are currently incarcerated with felony convictions in Illinois and Oregon. These efforts are an important part of Stand Up America’s broader work to protect and expand voting rights, pass public campaign financing measures, and break down other barriers to democracy.

In addition to Christina’s pro-democracy work at Stand Up America, she was involved in a number of successful criminal legal system reform campaigns while working in the New York State Senate, including repealing harsh mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug crimes, ending prison-based gerrymandering, and ending practices likely to lead to wrongful convictions.

A proud daughter of labor, Christina is a native of West Virginia. She now lives in New York City, where she earned a master’s degree in Public and Non-Profit Management and Policy from New York University. When she’s not fighting for the democracy we deserve, she’s hanging out with her 12-year old daughter and riding her bike bravely through the streets of New York City.