Carolyn DeWitt

President and Executive Director, Rock The Vote

Carolyn DeWitt is the President and Executive Director of Rock the Vote, the largest national organization focused on building long-term political power for this country’s most diverse youth generation.

During her tenure, she has overseen Rock the Vote’s resurgence, launching Brands for Democracy and developing new partnerships with authentic brands, such as WarnerMedia, Hulu, Sony, Nike, and Levi Strauss; deepening its leadership in civic technology with new cutting-edge tools, such as ElectionFM, the Pennsylvania Canvasser app, GameOn, and seamless online voter registration; relaunching civics education efforts, such as Democracy Class; expanding trusted messenger efforts to social media influencers and professional sports, such as the WNBPA, Golden State Warriors and NFL; intensifying its fight for voting rights, and moving the organization toward an education and issue-first approach with a targeted outreach to diverse and marginalized communities.

Carolyn is a nationally recognized advocate for young people, featured in publications and media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Hill TV, CNN, MSNBC, Teen Vogue, and Billboard. Today, Rock the Vote is a powerhouse for mobilizing youth through effective and timely civic education resources, innovative programs that meet young people wherever they are, and authentic messaging through trusted partners to ensure young voters understand and use their political power.

Prior to leading Rock the Vote, Carolyn was the chief of staff for the political communications firm, Pivot. She also served as deputy director coordinating satellite media booking and training teams at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. On the local level, Carolyn worked as the chief of staff of the 25th Ward Public Service Office in Chicago, and as the deputy campaign manager and finance director for Chicago’s 25th Ward Regular Democratic Organization. In her work abroad, Carolyn researched the end of apartheid and subsequent building of a democratic state in South Africa, served as a senior international advisor collaborating with a political youth movement in Madagascar, and participated in the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission.

Carolyn brings a cross-disciplinary and impact-oriented approach, with experience and background in consulting imperiled companies and leveraging technology to provide therapy to children with special needs in less developed countries. She is a strong believer in the blending of new and old tactics and the power of technology to break down barriers and accelerate widespread change.

Carolyn is a Michigander where she earned her BA in International and African Studies and Political Science from Kalamazoo College. She is also a triathlete, marathoner, and fierce advocate for her staff and young people across the globe. She also sits on the board of