Amanda Farias

NYC Council Member, 18th District

Amanda Farías is the Council Member for the 18th District, representing communities in the Southeast Bronx, where she herself was born and raised. Council Member Farías is a second-generation Afro-Latina of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent and a proud product of local schools and community institutions. Within the Council, she serves as the Chair of the Committee on Economic Development and the Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus. She is the first women, Bronxite, and Latinx person to serve as Chair of the Committee on Economic Development. As Chair, she hosted the City’s first legislative hearings on the emerging adult-use cannabis industry, the NYC ferry system, and has worked to ensure that economic recovery is focused on our Black and Brown communities. Under her leadership as Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus, in the first women-majority Council, several comprehensive bill packages have been passed including the Support Survivors package, the Universal Childcare package, and the groundbreaking NYC Abortion Rights Act.