& How They Won: Strategies from the 2018 Frontlines

The Saturday Morning Plenary is over, but you can watch the recording below.

Spoken word artist Regie Gibson will open Saturday’s programming at Unrig. Hosted by actor Max Carver, and Jen Johnson of RepresentUs, Part 1 of the Morning Plenary will feature short talks from:

  • Tequila M. Johnson, Co-Founder and Vice President, The Equity Alliance;
  • Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Professor; and
  • State Representative Ruth Buffalo, North Dakota House of Representatives.

Then, Campaign Legal Center’s Trevor Potter, Erin Chlopak, and Paul Smith will have a short discussion on some of the biggest developments in democracy issues.

In Part 2 of the Morning Plenary, actor Jennifer Lawrence moderates a panel featuring leaders of stand-out 2018 campaigns. Since last year’s Unrig Summit, participants have gone on to lead successful campaigns to:

  • Stop gerrymandering in Michigan and Utah (Katie Fahey, Voters Not Politicians; Catherine Kanter, Better Boundaries);
  • Re-enfranchise 1.4M Floridians (Desmond Meade, Florida Rights Restoration);
  • Close the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbyists in Missouri (Sean Nicholson, Clean Missouri);
  • Pass sweeping anti-corruption reform in North Dakota (Dina Butcher, North Dakotans for Public Integrity); and
  • Become the first state in the nation to use Ranked Choice Voting (Kyle Bailey, The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting).

Come hear directly from the leaders of these campaigns and learn how to become part of the next wave of Unrig victories.