The Return of Gil Fulbright: HONEST POLITICIAN

Become a ‘shill for Gil’ today

“A better country for every American… who donates to my campaign.”

The Honest Gil Promise:

I’ll fight corruption when it benefits my political opponents. Do you really want to live in a world where I can’t count on delicious, free meals from industry lobbyists?

I’ll make elections more representative for people who pay me. Ranked Choice Voting would disenfranchise campaign mega- donors and carelessly empower everyday Americans who don’t understand the wants and needs of the fundraising class.

I’ll never stop working for you as long as you never stop donating to me. What? Do you think this is some kind of public service or something? Just donate already.

I’m Gil and I approve these messages:

So, do you want a future where we fix America’s broken system, pass laws to overcome the influence of our precious special interests and force the government to meet the needs of the American people?

Or a future where I continue to enjoy buckets of fried chicken on private jets.

You decide, America. But also… maybe, you shouldn’t.

Join the movement to get me more fried chicken on private jets today!